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Johnny  - New Album 5 song

Defenses  - New Album 5 song

So Glad You're Here (Reprise)  - New Album 5 song

Free Country  - New  Album 5 song

Freebird Fly  - New Album 5 song

My Friend  - New Album 5 song

Annie Grace-  New Album 5 song

Other Side of Somewhere  - New Album 5 song

Unspoken Melody  - New Album 5 song

Orange Woman  - New Album 5 song

Refugio  - New Album 5 song

Destiny  - New Album 5 song and Avalon Companions book promo

Every Tomorrow  - New Album 5 song and Avalon: Companions book promo

Rainy Day Girl  - Album 4 song, newly posted!

Cranberry Cove (Reprise)  - New album 5 song

Morning Light  - Album 4 song, newly posted!

Roof of the World  - Album 4 song, newly posted!
Adrift in the Caribbean
Alhambra Nights
American Dreamer
Andy Miranda
Because I Have You
Better Days
Bright and Morning Star
Colors (Evening Sky)
Cranberry Cove

Cucamonga Conga
Dark Horse 
Deep Blue Sea   
Desert Rose (Jaime's Song)  
Drive (Smooth Jazz Instrumental)
Daylight (also called Thanksgiving Day) 

Escondido Girl

Estoy Loco Por Ti
Evening Light
Hold You Tight
If You Only Knew
Imperial Highway
In the Middle of the Night
iStone Song
I Will Always Love You 
Just Want to Get Up and Dance (Quiero Bailar Contigo)
Lament for a Microwave Oven

Lay Down Sweet Girl
Little Dogs Walking Their People
Living With My Eyes Wide Open
Lonesome Avenue
Missing You
My Way or the Free Way
Na Na Na Na Foo Foo Song 
Nonexistent Twin
Real Men Don't Sing Way Up Here
Road to the Sea
Runaway Love 
Sea of Love
So Glad You're Here
Start Over Again
Sunlight and Shadow
Tooda Mall
When I Was Not Looking

Wildfire Land
Wild Horse
You Always Make Me Smile
You Never Know