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All giveaways hosted on Amazon and open to US residents. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends earlier of date shown for each giveaway on Amazon giveaway page or when all prizes claimed. Official Rules: Amazon Giveaway Rules.

3/10/18 Giveaway lasts 7 days or until all prizes gone! #AmazonGiveaway #ebook #scifi #romance #fantasy Avalon: Companions

NoPurchNec, odds 1:3. If you win Book 1, you could read series free (Book 2 is Kindle Unlimited and Book 3 will be)

When there are no active giveaways posted:

Please check back soon for another giveaway, or keep in mind the book is on "get acquainted" sale for only $0.99

Kindle eBook (2nd Edition with new cover art)   Price subject to change without notice