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Songs of Avalon

Several of my recent songs on the album 4 Free Andy B. Free! and album 5 Code Name: Freebird  are "Songs of Avalon." These are songs that are part of the story line in the Avalon series. Book 1, Avalon: Companions, has the album 5 songs "Destiny" and "Every Tomorrow." (They are in the audio player below and on YouTube - see Album tab for more information and additional links). "Refugio" is another Song of Avalon that is in the same album (it is part of the Book 2 timeline). 


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Other Books in the Avalon Series:

Avalon: Kings and Queens (Book 2 of the Avalon Series)

The remarkable genetic skills of Avalon Adepts have kept Jeanne d'Arc alive into modern times. Some call her a saint. Some call her a witch. And even the Dark King fears her. Fine to read as a stand-alone book, the story of Avalon unfolds and deepens in Avalon: Kings and Queens. Science fiction, romance and mystery elements with some adult themes blend in this fast-paced and powerful story of enmity between two worlds. Amazon Kindle eBook Book 2


Avalon: Companions

"Avalon: Companions is the first book of the science fiction Avalon Series, and is the writing debut of author Andy Free. Feeding off the human instinct of survival of the fittest and the unusual possibilities inherent in advanced genetic engineering, Avalon: Companions is a remarkable story of courage, determination and loyalty... Highly recommended!" - Rabiyaj 11/23/16 (excerpt)

"The novel Avalon: Companions, Book 1 of the Avalon series, is brilliantly written. The author Andy Free has researched thoroughly about each and every new element that he has introduced to define his characters from another world. I love the suspense element that he carries throughout the novel and keeps the reader interested in the hidden truths he has to reveal. The emotions of hatred and enmity between the creatures from Avalon and the humans on the Earth persist and develop the action of the novel. I am also a fan of the mystery that envelops the story. I am really impressed by the time and energy that Andy Free has put in to make this novel a success. It surely is a work of wonder with all the scientific information that the author has used. I wish all the best to him for his coming novels. I will be waiting for them, will surely read them and encourage fiction lovers to indulge in them too!" - Marie Smith 11/24/16

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About the series

If you could change anything about yourself - like your height, speed, looks, intelligence, or strength - would you? The Avalon science fiction series is the story of those who did - those once known as the Fair Folk, demons, djinn, or gods of the ancient pantheons like Olympus.

In Book 1: Science fiction, mystery and romance elements blend in this fast-paced and powerful story of enmity between the two worlds of Avalon and Earth. We have both friends and enemies in Avalon, but the enemies have now gained the upper hand, releasing a deadly virus to exterminate all humans and conquer Earth once and for all. Join Dan Monroe and Claudia Chantal as they race against time to find the cure.

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Goodreads review   Christina S. 12/07/2016

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Books               Book 3 Kindle eBook and Paperback Now Available!

"Gripping and action packed! If you enjoy speculative fiction like I do there’s a lot to like about this story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The author has woven history and imagination together to create a past, present, and future that leads the reader on an unusual, yet somehow believable journey of the "Hidden Folk" and Earth's sister world, Avalon.  Well-developed memorable characters fill the pages of this alternative reality, easy to read, story with interesting and unexpected twists and turns.  The first installment of this science fiction thriller definitely leads the way to a promising sequel! A highly recommended read!" Reviewed by Sarah Holloway

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PDF of Chapters 1 & 2 of Avalon: Companions (Book 1) - Free Download Link and 1/1/17 Alternate Ending Link

This link goes to my third party provider of file storage, called "Digioh." It's a simple download link so you can download a PDF of Chapters 1 & 2 and see if you like the book. Hope you do! Here is the link:    Digioh file storage link for Chapters 1 & 2 of Avalon: Companions   There is also an alternate ending in the updated Kindle 2nd Edition at this Digioh link (warning - spoilers!) This is for people that have older versions and want the new ending:   Alternate Ending - Jan 2017