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Free Tracks (Free Songs) Offer

Offer: Get a free soft rock song today, then one soft rock, smooth jazz, or new wave 

song about every 30 days while offer lasts (currently there are seven songs total)! 

Fill in your first name and email in orange box on this page to subscribe (for most mobile

devices it shows up at the bottom of the page).

There is no cost or obligation and you can unsubscribe at any time - this is my way of saying

"thanks for listening" and staying in touch with people. I'll send a download link for your

first song, and more later on as long as the offer lasts. More information on the first song

including listener comments is below.

About the first free song
This is the full song "Colors (Evening Sky)" from my first
album Free Bird (Tree Extra).

Many listeners tell me this is one of their all-time favorite songs of mine. The full

 song is over 6 minutes long, with some nice acoustic guitar harmonies and complex,

dynamic percussion.

Listener Comments
"Andy has an unusual ability to put words and music

together in catchy and emotionally powerful ways." 
"This is rich and interesting music with multiple guitars on

most tracks. Very soothing!"
"Andy is a master of multi-tracking. There is a lot going on

in these tracks - I always find something new!"
"The clarity of Andy's tracks is incredible - crystal clear!"
"Andy's voice is unusually rich and blends really well with
the music. The vocal harmonies are really good."

"I like the way Andy works in elements of different genres (rock, pop, and smooth jazz) in ways that are creative and unexpected, yet are smooth and fun to listen to."
"Andy's classical guitar and other music training shows in
the music, but  it's all easy to listen to."
Limited Time Offer
I put occasional free song offers on this page. Subscribers get notified of new releases, get some free songs over time, and get occasional subscriber discounts. (These are just occasional emails - I won't spam you and will keep your email address private). Download now before this free song offer is gone!
Andy Free
Baldwin Park, CA, USA