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Album 5 is Released... called Code Name: Freebird... Available now! And see Books tab for free book chapters!
Wow! I hit my aggressive July issuance date! The album is available now on my distributors site (CD Baby) and major retail sites.

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About the music
Mostly soft rock and new wave. Catchy and intricately crafted songs - often love
songs that are fresh, creative and sung from the heart. Acoustic, electric and flamenco guitars, tenor sax, strings and concert grand piano with high energy and dynamic percussion tracks. Bass and baritone vocal harmonies. Relaxing, complex, and interesting music with honest emotion that incorporates many elements of world music (Japanese koto, Persian santur, African drums, Chinese Ruan Moon guitar, and other ethnic instruments).

Andy Free's Bio
Andy Free grew up on the east coast of the US but has lived out west for a while. Very diverse musical influences include Switchfoot, Coldplay, Imogen Heap, Owl City and many others. These influences have blended into a unique and easygoing musical style that is mainly soft rock and new wave style. This is relaxing music that has intricate and dynamic percussion and multiple layers of sounds so that you will always hear something new!

About the Band
Albums 1 - 4 were solo efforts using multi-track recording. Developing that capability gives a musician much greater versatility on stage and in the studio, and avoids depending unnecessarily on other musicians' schedules and availability. Even live gigs can be solo efforts using selected backing tracks. In the future, other musicians will probably "sit in" (both for recording and gigs) as there is time and opportunity. Check the future album release notes and album descriptions on Album List tab for attributions.